The Joe Coscarelli Writing Sampler

These are some of the things I have written, divided into specific and somewhat arbitrary categories. Questions? Ask me.

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On Paper Selling Junk Online [Village Voice, cover story]

NYC’s Golden Gossip Era Fades [Village Voice, cover story]


Review of Shoplifting From American Apparel by Tao Lin [Anthem]

David Foster Wallace Lives on for an Infinite Summer [Salon]


Ryan Adams: Painter [Anthem]

Ira Glass Reveals The End Of “This American Life” TV Show [MediaBistro]

Hip Hop/R&B

Da Drought 3 For Dummies: The Lil Wayne Learner [Candy Beans]

The Top 15 Gucci Mane Lines of 2009 [BlackBook]

Hard Bars, A-Z: Rap Songs In Which Complete Sets of Things are Listed

Rock Music

Tom Gabel! Makes Me Want to Die

Deer Hearts: The Antlers [The Deli Magazine]


School’s Out Forever: The Best Recent Grad Movies [Salon]

Review of We Live In Public

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